Hair Extensions With Celebrity Stylist Ryan Darius

Hair Extensions With Celebrity Stylist Ryan Darius

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Andrea Warshaw-Wernick draws on her broad and varied life experience to help her fellow Boomer ladies become Fabulous at Any Age. In addition to her blog in a wide range of topics, there are videos that contain conversations and interviews with experts in many fields providing tips and advice about plastic surgery skin care, fitness, nutrition and your finances as well as finding a husband. The goal is to empower women to realize their dreams at any age.


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Andrea offers consulting services on a broad range of topics and has experience advising on weight loss, fitness, stress management, and offers life counseling and help to stop smoking. Think of me as your Vision Facilitator guiding and helping you along a path fulfilling your life's dreams. Whatever you want to change, improve or reinvent in your life will be the area of focus. For consulting services, please complete the form on the website for more information.


Browse the blog and video content to find information on topics that interest you and help reach your vision of what it means to be Fab At Any Age. Whether that dream is a new career, starting a business, or finding a husband, you will find valuable tips and expert advice to guide you on your path to success. Join the Special Ladies Club to receive a biweekly newsletter, free gifts and goodies. Membership is free!


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